Is erectile dysfunction a problem restricted to the elderly?

1107-18There are various dysfunctions that people suffer with, and these may or may not be age-related. There are many that are age-related and many yet that are not age-related. Indeed, Erectile Dysfunction is believed by many to be age-related.

However, this is a misconception, as impotency affects many young people as well. This is because it is caused through things that apply to the elderly as well as the young. Some of the causes of this dysfunction include medication, drug-use, diseases, accidents, etc. These are all non age-related causes for the dysfunction. Therefore, old people and young people as well could easily be affected with erectile dysfunction.

Drug Use

In view of drug use that causes erectile dysfunction, it must be considered that there is a greater chance of people being affected with erectile dysfunction when they are young. This is because there are many more young people using drugs than older people. As far as using medication for various treatments, older and younger men are both equally affected.

This is because of the fact that they are likely to use the same treatments for particular ailments. This refers to the treatment of conditions like diabetes and hyper tension. Though the doses or products of these treatments may differ slightly, they are basically the same treatments, and this means they respond according irrespective of their ages.

Use of Medications

Reflecting again on medications and substances that can be consumed, it might be asserted medication consumption might be related to one’s age from one particular angle. This is because one could be affected with different medications depending on his chances of getting a disorder or disease. For example, getting particular diseases might be age related.

On this basis, one might be able to assert that some older men might be more prone to suffer with hyper tension. In this view, these older men might be more likely to consume medication to deal with hyper tension, and this would affect their sexual functions (erectile tissue).

Physical Injuries

Physically injuries as well affect men no matter what their ages are. In fact, men, when they are young stand greater chances of suffering injuries. This is because there is a greater probability of them taking part in activities that are risky and are more likely to be in situations where there is more action.

Older men tend to lead more relaxed lives, relatively speaking, and being at home or spending quiet evenings after work is common. Sports injuries are more likely for younger people or even road and other accidents because of them frequently out of the home.

As far diseases are concerned, old and young men might be equally exposed. This might even depend on one’s chances. It is really difficult to say who is more exposed to diseases that affect the erectile tissue.

Older people may suffer lower testosterone levels, and this may be a cause of lower sexual performance and hence a lack of erection. In this case, one can say that older men may suffer from erectile dysfunction more than younger men.

This is true to say, but this does not mean that younger men cannot suffer lowered testosterone levels. Some medications or health conditions may cause such conditions.

Finally, it may be asserted that in some ways older men may have slightly higher chances than younger men of suffering with erectile dysfunction. However, most men regardless of their ages are normally allowed to under treatment for erectile dysfunction.


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