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1107-09FDA: The FDA has taken a strong view of the various online pharmacies that are cropping up and is lashing out on the illegal pharmacies. Organizations like the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and the Federation of State Medical Boards have come together to wage a war against online pharmacies especially those selling the controversial Viagra.

Yet, these organizations fail to distinguish between the online pharmacies that are illegal and those that sell FDA approved medicine. The main problem the authorities have with online pharmacies in general is that they take the patient history through a questionnaire.

Its suggested that side effects of medicines become more prominent because the traditional doctor-patient relationship is not followed. As an example a news report stated that a 54 year old man who bought Viagra online died due to a hear attack. The analysis of the report suggests that had a doctor evaluated the man he may have been saved as the heart problem would have been located.

What is conveniently forgotten is that research also shows that other men have had Heart attacks while taking Viagra while they were under traditional doctor care.

The fact is we are living in the age of information where men will not have time to go to the doctor for every prescription. The rising health care costs and the economic depression further aggravate the situation and cause men to turn to the Internet for their health problems. An online evaluation if done professionally and carefully works exactly like a real doctor patient relationship and if the customer is a real patient of ED he will not be taking any chances with his health. That is the freedom of choice every American has a right too.

What then is the differentiating factor between a legitimate online Pharmacy and an illegal one?

Well the difference is clear when you search online for an online pharmacy. For example when I search in goggle using ‘buy Viagra from an online pharmacy’ the search results provide various sites like and Top Pharmacy Guides. While is the official Pfizer Viagra site with information related to the pill the other sites are commercial sites either selling Viagra or promoting sites that sell Viagra.

Ignore the sites that are from Mexico and outside the US.

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