Never Take Medicines Without Consulting the Doctor

1507-42Never take medicines without consulting the doctor because it may be harmful to your health. Medicines are the basic necessity of every individual after food, clothing, and shelter. Medicines have become a part of our life because everyone of us needs them at least once in the life. Any medicines whether natural or allopathic, should be taken only after consulting with the doctor. Medicines generally have side effects that you may not know, but doctor would know them. Thus, doctor can suggest you what precautions you should take to avoid these side effects. Also, he may give you some other medicines that will help to reduce the adverse effect of the medicine. So, always keep in mind to consult the doctor before you start any medication.

Medicines are there to combat the illnesses and improve your health, but if you misuse them then your health is considerably damaged. There are few medicines that are okay to be taken without the doctor’s prescription like vitamin and protein supplements, but I would even say you should ask doctor about the dosage. So that, he would study your body thoroughly by the medical tests and thus a perfect dosage will help you in getting the desired result within short span of time. If you take these supplements on your own then you will not be having the knowledge about their dosage that is suitable for you and thus you may not get the desired effect. So, always take the doctor’s advice for any time of the medicine usage.

Many people feel shy to visit to the doctor when they suffer with the sexual health problems. They find it difficult to share even with their partner. But, this is what makes them more depressed and due to the negligence the problem even gets more complicated.

So, they buy the medicine from online pharmacies and just take them without doctor’s permission. The feel good after the intake of the medicines, but later on they start facing the side effects. Even some people get addicted to those medicines. Thus, this is where doctor plays a role. Doctor can make you aware that this medicine can cause addiction so he may guide you on how to take it and for how much time. Doctor may also help you to get the better medicine that what you are taking on your own. So, don’t feel shy to tell about your sexual health problem to doctor because this may make your problem more severe.

Every disease has got it peculiarities that we can not guess on our own. Even sometimes doctors can not guess anything on the basis of external symptoms. Then here the medical laboratory test comes in the picture. With the help of the medical tests doctor is able to conclude that which disease you are suffering from. This helps him to diagnose you in a better way. So, he prescribes you the medicines accordingly.

I would suggest that take the medicine that are prescribed by the doctor as per the dosage suggested by him, don’t take more or less than that. Doctors are there to help us so believe in them and you would certainly be able to combat the illnesses easily.

Some medicines are very much harmful to health, so if you take them then they affect your health adversely. Doctors know such medicines, so they give some other medicines along with them to reduce the effect of these medicines. We should understand that we are not the doctors, so we should not take the medicines or our own. Doctors have studied for about 4 years to understand our whole body system and even by the experience they have understood that which medicines should be given when and how to the patient. So, this my genuine request to all the people to take the medicines only after consulting with the doctor.


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